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Wollongong Magic Mushrooms Top Quality Psilocybe Cubensis

The Wollongong Australian Mushroom is a legendary mystic magic mushroom that originates in the Illawarra escarpment near the city of Wollongong in Australia.

If you’re tired of psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms because they have similar traits, or if you are looking for a more potent cubensis magic mushroom, then Wollongong is for you! Wollongong is not your run-of-mill Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom, it tends to be much more potent and aggressive!

You’ve heard of ‘Golden Tops’ from Down Under, these are ‘Golden Everything’. This strain has a unique characteristic, a creamy gold color of the spotted cap, stalk, and meat which is unlike any cubensis strain currently on the market. Many strains will have streaks of yellow on a basic white stalk, the Wolly stalks are completely gold-colored. The pic above certainly doesn’t do the strain justice!

Wollongong Australian Magic Mushrooms | Buy Magic Mushrooms

This powerful mushroom grows in the wild in the Illawarra escarpment mountain range west of a narrow coastal plain south of Sydney, Australia, enclosing the region known as the Illawarra. The hills of the plateau reach over 400 meters and may drop abruptly to the coast. The escarpment contains a wide variety of flora and fauna and is a haven for many forms of wildlife.

Wollongong is Considered a Potent Magic Mushroom 

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